Featured Artist - Susan Beere

Meet the Artist

Susan Beere

What led you to express yourself in clay?

It started in a ceramic class in college. In the second semester I did a pelican mural in relief tile for an Art History class. We were studying ancient monoliths covered in ceramic tile. After that, I never looked back.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Wildlife and nature, but I also studied art and went to lots of museums with my mother who was also an artist. I relished Matisse, Gauguin and the other Impressionist artists. These days it can be an owl, a dragonfly, a view out my window or down our street. These Bee and Poppy tiles are inspiring because I care deeply about pollinators and I particularly love poppies. We grow wildflower pollinator borders in our garden every year.

Where did you study / what is your experience?

Palomar College as well as Mesa College in San Diego with Dr. John Conrad. I’ve found through the years it is practice and patience that solves any technical problem one may have. A friend, Herb Jeffries, who was a famous jazz singer with Duke Ellington, used to say, ”how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!” That sums it up.

What role do you feel artists play in society?

They enlighten the viewer, reflecting on beauty and providing different perspectives. I personally feel we lift people's spirits - a world without art would be very bland indeed.

Which artists are your greatest influences and why?

Matisse because I love his sense of colors and design. Hokusai because of his subject matter: birds, dragonflies, flowers - and his simple technique for capturing them. Gauguin because of his boldly colored palette.

What artistic movements do feel the most affinity for?

I take my influences from a wide variety of movements: the Impressionists, Art Deco, Oriental Art, and many others. I am particularly fond of the Inuit Artists.

Why is this charity important to you?

It is very important. We need to educate people about pollinators and why they need habitat and pesticide free flowers. So many gardeners are not aware how dangerous their chemicals are to bees and butterflies and beneficial insects. I sincerely hope our small contribution will help raise awareness.

We have an extensive organic garden with lots of bee and butterfly-friendly plants in it. Grow organic - it’s the only way.

How has art molded your outlook on life?

It influences everything. What I see is reflected in my work. My environment, birds, wildlife, people, the places I visit - it all ends up in my art.

What are your thoughts on being an artist in today's world?

I strive to give people a place of quiet and reflection - to provide a centering point for the viewer from which they can explore their inner world through the perspective of the art work.

Featured Pottery Piece

The Bee and the Poppy

Today we present a rare opportunity to collectors of Roseville Pottery. For the first time since closing their doors in 1954, the Roseville Pottery brand has returned, with a series of authorized limited edition decorative ceramic art tiles. Each tile is designed and executed by a contemporary studio artist in an edition of 50 pieces. They are framed, and come with a certificate of authenticity issued by Roseville and signed by the artist. 10% of the profits of will be donated to a charity cause chosen by the artist.

This second tile is entitled "The Bee and the Poppy", and was designed and executed in high relief by accomplished ceramic artist Susan Beere. Susan's studio in Warner, New Hampshire provides a unique setting with amazing inspiration for this remarkable Arts and Crafts masterpiece. The unique glazes Susan brings together give a brilliant feel to her work. The sale of these tiles will provide donations for raising awareness of the honey bee crisis, a cause that Susan has a great passion for. This decorative art tile is the second series to be issued by Roseville Pottery and is new in the box with all paperwork included. Each is signed and numbered with only 50 pieces created, and the molds have been destroyed preventing any future reproduction.

The tile is 8" x 8", and with frame is 9 1/4 x 9 1/4". It comes ready to hang and display, the perfect gift for anyone concerned about the honey bee crisis. Certain to become a collector's item, this is the second authorized Roseville Pottery created in 63 years. It is sure to bring happiness to the new owner for years to come.


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